The wind blows into you as you open the window. The town looks so bright with colorful lights and decorations in every corner. People are having fun with snow, nobody frowned, nobody pouted, … except you.

You want to go out too.

You want to have fun with snow too.

You want to spend the night with your family and friends too.

But then you realized you can’t.

Because you don’t have anyone.

You close the window and sip your hot chocolate, sighed. Then you stare at the window, talking to yourself. If only you’re here …, a person’s smile appears in your mind.

God, why are you being unfair to me?

Why can’t you treat me the same as other people?

Why can’t I spend this christmas with people I love?

A teardrop starts falling along with the snow. “Ah … no, no, no!” you shake your head. Persuading yourself to not cry during the christmas eve.


It’s 6 o’clock in the morning and you woke up thanks to your alarm. You walk yourself to the bathroom. Wash you face, brush your teeth. Still with your pajama on, you open the door and walk to the kitchen.

“SURPRISE!” shouts everyone. You widened your eyes. Your mom, dad, family, and friends are there wearing christmas themed clothes. They all brought a present for you. You haven’t even move a bit, still shocked.

“H-how?” a word finally came out from your mouth. They didn’t say anything, just smile.

You spend the whole day with them. Opening the presents, eat, and play games together. You feel like God listened to your complaints last night. And you feel blessed for it. Until the sunset …

They are starting to disappear one by one. Your mom, your dad, your family, your friends,

… your loved ones.

A part of you seems to disappear. And without being obstructed, your tears starts falling, again.


December 17th 2014 – My Room